10 Iconic Cleveland Foods

What if you could grab a tray and slide down the buffet of your dreams, with all of your favorite iconic Cleveland eats in one place? If we could build and stock that buffet, it might include the following morsels. See more at: http://photos.clevescene.com/10-iconic-cleveland-foods/


3 thoughts on “10 Iconic Cleveland Foods

  1. When I’m not working as an archivist, I work at Susy’s Soups and Deli, in Tower City. We open at 8:39 AM for breakfast; our chefs will do you a breakfast wrap or french toast (with fresh strawberries) or a platter.

    At lunch, we have a selection of soups, sandwiches and salads. We have usually 13 different kinds of soup, 4 of them chilis. The sandwiches are delicious, and the comment I usually hear when I deliver the salads is “This is a “regular” ? It’s so BIG….!”

    I invite you all to come and enjoy…..


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