Cleveland Food and Drink

By Rita Knight-Gray

West Side Market
West Side Market. (Image courtesy of Erik Drost via Flickr, creative commons license.)

Ohio Liquor License Law states that bars and entertainment places that sell alcohol must serve food,  so every bar in Cleveland is also an eatery–and most have ridiculously good food.

The Central Market on the east side of the downtown area was built in 1856 containing over 200 tenants. A $1.3 million bond was issued in 1946 to renovate the market. When the market house burned down, the mayor’s administration directed the bond money for the renovation of the West Side Market.

East 4th Street, Gateway District
East 4th Street, Gateway District. (Image courtesy of Destination Cleveland)

In the 1990s, the Gateway Project was created to build a baseball stadium (Progressive Field), an arena (Quicken Loans), retail, housing, and a variety of restaurants. Owned by the city of Cleveland and managed by the Gateway Economic Development Corp., the area contains 30 different pubs and eateries providing fine dining, sports, fusion soul food, wine, beer, and tequila specialties, chocolate drinks, and desserts in the Gateway District 9th to 4th Street, Euclid Ave. to Carnegie Ave. And try a Gateway Tour!