Leon Bibb’s “My Ohio”

By Janet Carleton, Host Committee cochair

Leon Bibb is an award-winning broadcast journalist and a Cleveland institution. Bibb has a long-time series of short segments “My Ohio” on WEWS-TV.



Follow the links to watch some of these charming videos.

Americans have long had a ‘love affair’ with their automobiles

Cleveland was once the automotive capital of the world

Cleveland’s Old Stone Church celebrates 160 years as oldest building on city’s Public Square

Lighting giant chandelier in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square prompts thoughts on the theater district

Museum of Divine Statues

Oberlin was a key stop on the Underground Railroad which was an escape route for slaves in the 1800s

Superman wasn’t born on Krypton; Cleveland’s Glenville area is Man of Steel’s birthplace

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One thought on “Leon Bibb’s “My Ohio”

  1. Hi Leon, how about a myohio segment on the Schedel Arboreteum and Museum in Elmore, Ohio.
    Among the highlights was a phenomenal Japanese garden and an extensive collection of rare Persian Rugs.
    I have been there only once but I just can’t get it out of my mind it was that memorable. Elmore is a quiet city that is nestled between two counties: Ottawa and Sandusky.
    My favorite story is that a persian rug expert and historian came to visit once and upon entrance in the front door he immediately dropped to his knees and pulled out his magnifying glass to inspect what was laying on the floor inside the door and after 15 minutes of close observation with sad eyes looked up at the curator and said “You guys don’t actually walk on this do you”. That’s right it was a rare Persian rug well over 1000 yrs old. They had so many of these rugs they did not know what they had.


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