“Beer Is Proof that God Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy”

By Jill Tatem, SAA Host Committee

OK, so Benjamin Franklin didn’t say it, but it is still a sentiment to embrace, especially in Cleveland.

Great Lakes Brewery (photo by butforthesky.com on Flickr, Creative Commons license)
Great Lakes Brewery (photo by butforthesky.com via Flickr, Creative Commons license)

With around 20 local breweries, a cold one on a hot August day isn’t far away. We have IPAs, lagers, stouts, ales, porters; light, dark, red, black; and some that I can only describe, tactfully, as novelty offerings.

There are plenty of guides:

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some not-to-miss recommendations from a Chicago-based beer aficionado for Cleveland’s beers.

If transportation is a problem, there’s always the Cleveland Brew Bus, which offers a variety of tours and tastings. Sign up for a planned tour, or gather 15 other SAA beer enthusiasts for a custom tour.

And if you like your beer mixed with pastry, Brewnuts is the place for beer-based doughnuts. Words don’t do justice to these morsels–some things you just have to experience to appreciate!

For those interested in breweries of yesteryear, check out: