Service Projects

Attendees of the 2015 SAA Annual Conference in Cleveland will have a fun opportunities to give back to the host city by participating in a charitable service project.  This year, we are partnering with Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) and the Cleveland Animal Protective League (CAPL) to provide volunteer opportunities for interested meeting goers.

Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K)

SC4K positively impacts the lives of over 25,000 children each year by giving them the self-esteem and confidence that comes from having brand new shoes and clothes. Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) is the only non-profit organization in Greater Cleveland providing new shoes and clothes at no charge throughout the year to thousands of children in need.

Cleveland Animal Protective League (CAPL)

The Cleveland Animal Protective League’s mission is to foster compassion and end animal suffering. The Cleveland APL provides shelter to homeless animals relinquished by their guardians, animals that are rescued from abuse or neglect, and stray or abandoned cats.

To learn more about each of the different service projects, please visit the links below:

  1. SC4K Packing Project (Tuesday, August 18, from 9:30-12:30)
  2. SC4K Donations (throughout the conference, near the registration area)
  3. CAPL Donations (throughout the conference)